With timelessness and care as our core values, we view quality as non-negotiable and let it inform our decisions on everything from design to the curation of materials. Every collection we create aims to couple ethically sourced, high-quality materials with impeccable craftsmanship and working conditions, which ensures a state of happiness and Gioia throughout the supply chain: to our customers, craftsmen, and our vendor network.


At Gioia, in line with our values of timelessness and care, we decided on leather as our core material given its durability and biodegradability. Our team of technicians have sourced leather from Leather Working Group certified tanneries and examined them using the rigorous BLC Leather Technology standards. This ensures that the materials aren’t just of high quality, but also that the leather used is from animals that weren’t raised for their hides.


At Gioia, our handbags are crafted in the same factories that have been used to craft leather goods for well renowned luxury brands for almost three decades. Our craftsmen have received quite a few accolades and global recognition for their work over the years, and they bring the same finesse and attention to detail to Gioia.

For our skilled craftsmen to be able to do what they do best, we keep a close check on our working conditions. As a result, our state-of-the-art factories are Sedex certified, which ensures Gioia’s collections not only spread joy to our community, but also to the craftsmen making them.